l'oreal glam shine balmy gloss - dare the dragonfruit

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

loreal glam shine balmy gloss
loreal balmy gloss

If you saw my haul post last week, you will know that I had a bit too much fun at the MAC and L'Oreal counters. Well I thought it was about time to show you one of the items that I picked up. I love the idea of crayon like item's for lips and really loved the Bourjois Color Boost range. I am a sucker for unusual colours too and when I saw this almost two-tone shade, I knew I had to have it.

loreal dare the dragonfruit swatch
loreal dare the dragonfruit review
Available at Boots and Superdrug.

Dare the Dragonfruit is a raspberry toned shade with speckles of blue and purple glitter running through it. I know that doesn't sound too appealing but the glitter seems to create the two-toned effect that intrigued me to begin with and it is a lot more of a wearable colour than I have made it sound. This was way more pigmented than I thought it would be, which was a nice surprise as some balms only tend to have a hint of colour but you can really see a change in colour with this one.

The 'Balmy Gloss' range seems to be L'Oreals take on the crayon type formula and is one of the best I have tried. I didn't find this sticky on the lips at all, it just made my lips feel nice and moisturised but not in an annoying I can feel it's there kind of way. Unlike L'Oreal lipsticks, this doesn't have a scent which I am thankful for as I'm not the biggest fan of their chemical type smell.

They do only last a few hours on the lips, but after the balm has worn the colour doesn't seem to disappear completely. I always seem to get left with a nice tint of the shade on my lips which could be a lipstick in itself ha!

I really like this style of lip colour for when I am on the go, they are so easy to apply and buildable in colour too. I have been wearing this shade a lot, it's nice a bright for a night out but not too drastic to wear in the day too! 
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five things I loved this week.. #5

Sunday, 17 August 2014

I have decided that I really need to get out of the work routine and do more exciting things during the week, otherwise I can see myself slowly getting stuck in a rut. More excitement needed this week please?! 

One annoying thing that happened this week was having to undo the knitted blanket from last week as I noticed a mistake at the very beginning, how annoying! My OCD meant that was the only thing that I looked at too. Here's 5 things that have managed to make me happy though..

make up haul
I mentioned before that I had a bit of a spree in MAC. This was always bound to put a smile on my face, especially the Viva Glam Rihanna lipstick.

I really didn't like this song to start with and I absolutely love Maroon 5. The more I have listened to it though, the more it is growing on me and I'm not gunna lie, I definitely sit there pretending it's about me!

I managed to spend nearly a full day with Lew this week, which may sound silly but it is so unusual as our shifts always seem to clash at work and we have to make do with seeing each other for just a few hours a week.

I really love this programme. Anyone that knows me, knows how much of an animal lover that I am so I find myself sitting there smiling away at this or crying at the sad bits...I do really hate the sad parts though, so less of those please? I live really close to Whipsnade too and try to go whenever I can as it always reminds me of my childhood.

I saw this and it made me smile so much. Marceline is my favourite character in Adventure Time and this little GIF is just too cute.

Hope you have all had a lovely week! 
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mac + l'oreal haul

Friday, 15 August 2014

I decided to have a little bit of a shopping splurge this week. I haven't been to MAC in ages so knew the next time that I visited it was going to be a good'un. I managed to pick up 2 L'Oreal balms from Boots on the way just for good measure too! Here's a little preview of what I brought, full reviews will be following soon!

loreal dare the dragonfruit
I fell in love with this shade instantly as it seems to have a lovely two-tone effect using glitter particles.

loreal sin for peach
These glosses are on offer in Boots, hence getting the 2 to try. I chose this one for a more understated everyday colour.

mac trax
I do love a nice sparkly eyeshadow. This shade is lovely and has a nice metallic sheen, I know this one will get used a lot.

mac breath of plum
I actually persuaded my mum to buy this, but will definitely be trying this out too. It looks like a nice transitional colour!

mac flat out fabulous
This is such a cute colour and one of my favourite finishes too!

mac new york apple
Again, this is my mums but I will be stealing it when she's not looking. I don't usually like frost finishes but this has a nice shine.

mac viva glam riri
I am a sucker for till add-ons so when I saw this I couldn't resist. It is my perfect red and I have a nail varnish to match exactly too...heaven!

I hope you like my haul! I will definitely be reviewing and swatching as soon as I can as I can't wait to play with these babies! ♥ 
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five things I have loved this week.. #4

Sunday, 10 August 2014

This week has been a bit of a boring one really, apart from buying a couple of new lipsticks from MAC (more on that later!) and making loom bands with my nieces, nothing too exciting has happened.

Here are a few things that made me smile though!

I started this baby blanket a good few months ago for no other reason than I love the pattern, no I don't have anything to tell you ha! I put it away in winter, as I go through phases with knitting, but found it again this week and have done a few more rows and got really into it again. If I carry on at this speed though I might finish it in 2050!

I absolutely love this song! I'm probably the only person that can go from listening to Sam Smith one week to Killswitch the next. I have always loved Killswitch Engage but I have always been more of a fan of Howard's voice, being a bit controversial there, sorry ha! Although Jesse's voice in this is lovely and is making me sway my opinion!

This is an oldie but a goodie! I have watched this film 10million times but it still makes me laugh. Me and Lewis used to watch it weekly as it is one of our favourites, so when it was on telly this week i couldn't resist. 

I saw this in the Lego shop this week and absolutely love it! I love anything Lego and will find any excuse to play with it. I know if I brought this Lewis would steal it so I may have to wait until we move out so we can at least share it!

This weekend has been spent catching up with my brother, nephews and niece as they visited from Wales. It's been absolutely lovely and we even had the weather to fit in 2 BBQ's!

How has your week been? 

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