Saturday, 21 February 2015

ted baker distinguishing rose bag

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I was ever so lucky to receive a voucher from my lovely work friends after I left my old job. Normally I am the worst for spending vouchers instantly, they seem to burn a hole in my pocket but this time I held off. I am so glad I did because it meant that I was able to afford this gorgeous bag!

ted baker distinguishing rose bagted baker distinguishing rose collection

I do love Ted Baker anything and have become obsessed with this print. Next on my wish list is the matching phone case! I figured that it is patterned but not too in your face so will still go with most things! Not that I care if it doesn't, it is way to pretty to not use! 
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Thursday, 19 February 2015

rimmel the kate collection lipsticks

rimmel kate collection lipsticksrimmel kate collection lipsticks review

I received this lovely lipstick set from Santa Claus. I don't think I could be any slower on the blogging turnaround right now! It just seems like Christmas was only 5 minutes ago, I kinda blinked and now its February. Sorry!

I was so excited when I opened this set, the colours couldn't be more 'me' and I had never tried any of the Kate Moss range before so this was a good first. I was a bit dubious about the pink shade, but after I put it on it was nowhere near as bad on me as I thought it would be..phew!
rimmel lasting finish kate 107
Lasting Finish Lipstick - 107
This is my favourite of the 3 shades included. This is the kind of red that I think everybody can get away with. A perfect raspberry red!

rimmel kate collection lasting finish lipstick 28
Lasting Finish Lipstick - 28
I don't normally wear this vibrant shade of a pink, but I actually kind of like it! I think I will wear this a lot in the Spring.

rimmel lasting finish kate collection lipsticks 01
Lasting Finish Lipstick - 01
Two words - Statement Red. This is the typical, in your face pillarbox red, perfect for days that a classic look is on the agenda.

I did think that the pink was a bit of a random addition to the set, but actually 3 reds might have been too much so it was nice to have another colour in there too. I can say that the formula for all these lipsticks is spot on. They feel so creamy on the lips and the pigmentation is amazing, I have become a bit of a fan especially of the fruity scent too.

Excuse me while I run to the shop to buy more! These lipsticks are available separately from Boots and Superdrug. ♥
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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

l'oreal smokissime eyeliner - brown smoke

loreal smokissimeloreal smokissime eyelinerloreal smokissime eyeliner review

I must apologise for my lack of blogging yet again! My organisational skills seem to be fading away with old age, but alas I am finally back and with lots of posts planned in the diary too! So in the words of Take That, hopefully i will be 'back for good'.

I picked up this eyeliner from Superdrug a few weeks ago after rifling through to find one that hadn't been opened or tampered with. I hate it when that happens, they're called testers for a reason haha! Anyway, I am always in search of new eyeliners and this looked like my kind of colour so I picked it up.
loreal smokissime eyeliner swatch
loreal smokissime smokey brown
Available from Boots and Superdrug.

After applying, I wouldn't really say it was much of an eyeliner but more of a powdery eyeshadow. The actual nib is very thick, so you can't get too much precision if you was looking to use it as just an eyeliner at all. In my pictures, I have tried to line my eyes as neatly as I can to show you but it is better used all over the eyelid for the smokey look.

All of the product is stored in the lid, so whenever you need more you can close it up and the sponge will pick up some more powder. I chose this colour instead of black and I am really glad I did, I love the copper/metallic tones and when used all over the lid it does create a nice smoked look. The staying power of this is really good too, I wore it for a whole day at work without it budging once.

Overall I do really like this, it is perfect for a quick and easy, smokey look, although I do like it more as an eyeshadow as it lacks the exactness of an eyeliner. ♥
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Friday, 6 February 2015

the jersey boys

On Wednesday I went to see The Jersey Boys with my mum. The advert being played on my local radio station was too much to bear and we finally caved and brought tickets. Initially I was only going to keep her company, but I think I actually enjoyed it more than her.

If you don't know, Jersey Boys tells of the life of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. I'm not going to lie, I knew of Frankie Valli but not in depth. It wasn't until the songs began that I realised how many I actually knew of that I didn't even realise were them. I sat there singing along in my head at the top of my voice, although i think the lady behind me missed the 'in your head' memo and literally sang at the top of her voice. Much to the annoyance of everyone else.

All of the actors were amazing, both in singing and telling their own stories. Without giving too much away, I didn't realise they all had such an eventful life. This show has such a mixture of laughs and feel good factor. I honestly don't think anybody could walk out of this without singing 'I love you baaaaaaaby' at the tops of their voices.

If you have a spare afternoon and fancy a trip to the theatre then this is definitely worth a look! Jersey Boys is currently touring the UK and is still in Milton Keynes for a few weeks yet. Full tour dates are here. ♥

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