Thursday, 17 April 2014

There is something I absolutely love about daisies. They are so pretty and instantly make me think of spring. Thats why I find myself loving this time of year as daisy and floral prints end up on literally everything. I have put together a list of my favourite daisy things at the moment as there are some pretty good bits around!

daisy wishlist

Top / New Look // Swimsuit / New Look // Necklace / River Island // Bag / Accessorize // Crown / Dolly Bow Bow

I love the floral crown most of all, as always I am about a year late to the trend ha! 

Are you a fan of daisies?
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maybelline master kajal eyeliner - oriental gold

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

maybelline master kajal oriental gold
uk beauty blog

I have had this eyeliner for absolutely ages, in fact I brought it when I got the pitch black version so that was back in January..whoopsie! It has been sitting in my drawer for so long waiting to be used. As the nib is so bright, I thought it was a bit bold for everyday and have been waiting for an occasion to use it. When I swatched it, it wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be and tended to have more of a muted tone.
maybelline master kajal review
maybelline master kajal oriental gold swatch

As with Pitch Black, I really like the style of this but do tend to use it more straight on than at an angle like they should be. I think this is just down to habit though, as its easier to get a flick this way.

The colour is nowhere near as bold as I first thought, more of a muted gold which turns to a very pale shimmer in some lights. You really need to push hard or layer this up to get even a slight hint of colour which is a bit hard especially if you are using it sideways. This disappointed me slightly, especially as I had such high hopes after using the black version and finding how pigmented it was. 

I have been using it more as an eyeshadow, colouring in the lid and then layering on top and I found for that it works perfectly, so all is not lost. I just feel if you are looking for quite a bright gold eyeliner though, you may be slightly disappointed. 
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a little trip to the zoo

Monday, 7 April 2014

I spent last week looking after my lovely nieces whilst my mum and dad have been on holiday. Honestly babysitting a 10 month old and a 5 year old after school is so stressful ha! I really don't know how you mummy's have enough energy to do anything when looking after children, by the time they left I was drained and covered in baby food...lovely!

When Thursday came around me and Lewis decided we should have a little us time and take a trip to the zoo. I must admit I am like a little kid when it comes to the zoo, I walk around with the cheesiest grin on my face looking at all of the animals. Luckily I live about half and hour away from Whipsnade Zoo so thought we would take a trip there. The weather wasn't too bad, but a lot of the animals decided not to show their faces which was a bit of a shame, but the ones I did see were beautiful.

 Spot the chimp!

 Me and Lewis always see ducks wherever we go and always have a bit of a joke that it's me and him in duck form.

 I aways think of The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland when I see Flamingos. Yes I did sing 'painting the roses red..'

 How cute is this giraffe?!

 Sleeping Lions

 I do love meerkats and think they should all be called Aleksandr.

This little ditch of Mara babies is super cute!

I can't believe I went round the whole zoo without seeing a single peacock too! (They roam freely around Whipsnade.) I used to always go when I was little and see if I could find any peacock feathers on the floor and managed to find one once, amazing!

Have any of you been on any adventures lately? 
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models own hypergel polish - turquoise gloss + blue glint

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

models own blue glint turquoise gloss
models own hypergel polish
Models Own - Turquoise Gloss + Blue Glint £5

I've come to a decision that every time I say that I am going to blog more, I seem to get worse so I am hoping that if I don't say anything in theory I will become amazing at posting again! *fingers crossed!* ha.

I thought I would show you these 2 lovely nail varnishes that I have had for a little while now, I haven't posted about them yet as the stress of my life means that my nails and hands are appalling so thought there was no way I was going to photograph them. I remembered that I have hundreds of these falsies lying around, as at one stage that was going to be my new business venture, don't ask! So thought I could show you this way for the time being, hope you don't mind too much!

The HyperGel range is Models Own's take on a gel finish without the need for a UV light. I chose Blue Glint and Turquoise Gloss as these were the 2 that I know I will wear most in summer months. Blue Glint is a vibrant sky blue and Turquoise Gloss is a glossy sea foam colour and they both work really well together too!
I have been wearing Turquoise Gloss for a good week and a half now and it is only really showing slight signs of tip wear so I am really impressed and that is without a topcoat too. These are so nice to apply and in 2 coats they are fully opaque and glossy. I will definitely be investing in more of these, I just have to decided which colours to pick! 
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