five things I have loved this week.. #1

Sunday, 20 July 2014

I have decided that each week I am going to share 5 of my favourite things that have made me happy from the previous week. Hopefully I can share some happiness around with this weeks choices...

I went to see Begin Again this week and when I heard this song, I knew it needed to be downloaded as soon as I got home. The lyrics are beautiful and as many of you probably know I am completely in love with Adam anyway so this was always going to be a fav!

I am so proud of this photo, usually when a butterfly lands or something photograph worthy happens, it takes me so long to actually grab my camera I miss out. Well not this time! This pretty little thing landed on my fence and I managed to grab my phone and capture it in all of its glory before it fluttered away!

I mentioned before that I went to see Begin Again this week. If you haven't seen it, then you really must. It's a true feel good film and the songs get stuck in your head. (We all downloaded the soundtrack to sing along too) not to mention you get to look at the beautiful Adam Levine too!

I love this time of year as all of my mums flowers start to bloom in the garden. My favourite at the moment has to be this lily!

I spent Saturday evening with my best friends, which was lovely. I was on popcorn duty, but managed to burn it to a crisp which just shows I have a long way to go with my culinary skills.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, what would be your top 5 favourite things from last week?
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pastel perfection

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I thought I would bounce back with a bit of an outfit post today as I haven't done one in absolutely ages! It's just typical that the day I decide to put on a nice summer dress, the sun disappears and we get left with a horrible black cloud. It is still warm though, so hopefully that makes me look a little less silly.

Dress - Red Herring at Debenhams
Necklace - Swarovski
Sandals - River Island

I brought this dress last year from Debenhams sale, I never really look at the clothes in Debenhams except for when i'm trying to hunt down something by Henry Holland. I find that once I'm in there it's really hard for me to get past the MAC counter, so it made a nice change to look at their clothes. Once I spotted this dress, it was instant love. The colours are perfect for a summers day and the style is so me, although I do feel slightly overdressed in it sometimes but hey, who cares!
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Sunday, 13 July 2014

I mentioned before in my holiday recap post that I really enjoyed the opportunity to just sit and think about different things. I think sometimes you need that chance to just step away from 'life' and take a bit of a break, whether its physically going away or just not doing something for a while, it enables you to take a fresher look at things. This is exactly what I did whilst being away and I came up with a few goals for myself. The first one being..

One of the things that I definitely thought about on holiday was this blog. Before I went away, I started to feel like I was blogging without a purpose, like different posts were written for the sake of writing a post. Even after all this time, the thought of people reading this little blog still flatters and scares me and sometimes I feel pressured in a way that I tend to lose my writing style and write how I think people want to read, not in a way that flows for me. Don't get me wrong I love sharing new finds and parts of my life with you all, but I got so caught up in a serious side of blogging which made me lose sense in any fun and lets face it, most of us blog for fun anyway! Reviews became robotic and my heart didn't feel in it. Being away from the blog made me analyse what I wanted to do and where I want the blog to go. I have decided I am going back to old blogging Emmy, where I found everything about a post fun, because if I am not having fun I'm pretty sure no-one else will be! So from now on, I am going to just have fun! I also promise to post more often as I seem to have lost any sense of organisation too, sorry about that! ♥ 

A few other goals I set myself whilst being away were...
I say this every time I go to Spain, then forget when I come home. Not this time, I want to speak Spanish and have fluent conversations. I started to learn it at GCSE but gave up as I found it too stressful with all of my other subjects, I do wish I had kept it up though and now is my opportunity to learn it.
I really do need to save a few pennies otherwise I have no chance of affording the little farm of animals I have planned for when me and Lewis eventually move out.
This links to the other goal really. I have the design that I want ready, I just need to save and not talk myself out of it. I tend to do this with everything, if it doesn't happen instantly I talk myself out of things by the time they happen.
This one is self explanatory, I just want to be happy in everything I do! Life isn't worth worrying about!

I have just realised how random all of those goals look, but hey hopefully I get them done! Thank you all for sticking by me! Sorry about the essay of a post, I just hope you all enjoyed reading and I will be back to normal from now! 
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l'oreal color riche collection privée lipstick - freida's nude

Monday, 7 July 2014

l'oreal color riche freida's nude
l'oreal color riche collection privée
l'oreal freida's nude swatch

I have been eyeing up the L'Oreal Color Riche Collection Privée for a good while now, but my excessive collection of lipsticks has stopped me from buying any. I eventually caved in and chose 'Freida's nude' just before I went on holiday after buying lots of other non essential stuff, I figured I may as well throw this in my basket too. 

I don't usually tend to wear nude lipsticks, but there was something about this that stuck out to me, it doesn't look like your typical nude shade so could be that. I do seem to get swayed by anything celebrity inspired though, so that could have also played a part! The whole collection is based on the spokeswomen of L'Oreal including Cheryl Cole, Freida Pinto and Eva Longoria to name a few. The theory is if their named lipstick suits them and you have a similar skintone then it should suit you too. I didn't really go for that theory and just picked the nicest swatch on my the old fashioned way!
l'oreal freida's nide swatch

I am a bit behind on posts, so this photo was taken before my holiday hence the sudden disappearance of my tan, even though it is starting to fade fast now anyway! *sad face*

The packaging on this is really nice, the shape is the same as the other lipsticks in the color riche collection but this has matte black casing with gold finishing. It just makes the lipstick look a lot more expensive than it is and I think I prefer it to this colour combo.

Freida's Nude is a shimmery mauve based shade with a slight brown tone. It has a lovely sheen to it without being glittery at all giving my lips a nice healthy dose of colour. I found that it didn't last very long on me though, I would say about 2-3 hours but it just means that I have to top it up a little bit more often which I don't mind too much. I just have to remember not to wear it on days where I can't touch up my makeup. The lipstick swatches quite sheer to begin with but can be built to give it a bit more of an opaque finish. I would say that it feels similar on the lip to MAC's cremesheen finish as it has the same moisturising feel to it.

Overall I do like this shade but it just needs a bit more staying power as I can be really lazy at reapplying and like a lipstick that lasts a bit longer. 
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